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Visitor Statistics

Once your practice has launched a website, the next step is to measure the website's success (or failure).   Website traffic reports are similar to report cards that help measure the progress of your website.

Medical WebsiteTraffic Reports offered by MMA's medical marketing division

Our firm has access to hundreds of reports to keep you advised of your website's performance. We automatically email you reports containing key metrics and performance indicators so that you know how your website is serving your practice.  Typical reports include:

  • The number of visitors viewing your website on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • The number of visitors who found your website directly, or referred by other websites, or by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN
  • The number of visitors referred by search engines
  • What keywords visitors used to find your website via search engines
  • What search phrases (keyword combinations) visitors use to find your website via search engines
  • The top pages viewed on your website
  • The least viewed pages on your website

Google Analytics provides additional insight to help measure your website such as:

  • Average page views per visitor 
  • Average time on website per visitor
  • Bounce rate - number of visitors who view only one page
  • Sticky Rate - number of visitors who view multiple pages during their visit
  • Visitor statistics by city
  • Visitor statistics by state 
Medical Website Metrics and Patient Traffic Reports

MMA tracks this data for our clients.  We can compare your website statistics with practices of similar demographics including specialty, locality, size, urban or rural, and other demographics.  Our firm will help you analyze your data to identify opportunities to improve your website traffic, and ultimately bottom-line.  

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