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Rack Cards

Rack cards are one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver a short message and important contact details. For physicians, rack cards can be used in referring physicians' offices or as a patient introduction to other providers in the practice.

Rack cards are printed on 4" x 9" card stock and can be placed in high-traffic locations. Unlike flyers, rack cards are designed to be picked up on their own. They easily fit in a pocket or purse.

The following are examples of rack cards recently designed and printed for our clients. If you would like assistance designing and printing a rack card for your medical practice, please contact our firm to discuss your specific need.

Introducing New Medical Practices

Wake Skin Cancer Center

Wake Skin Cancer Center

Elias Ayli, MD, distributed rack cards in the Wake Forest community to introduce himself and his qualifications to referring physicians in the area.

The practice's logo, phone number, address, and website address are featured. Dr. Ayli's credentials and headshot complete his biographical information.

Advanced Gastroenterology of South Florida, P.A.

Advanced Gastroenterology of South Florida Rack Card

Karthik Mohan, DO, the founder of Advanced Gastroenterology of South Florida, P.A., used a rack card to introduce himself and his services to patients and referring physicians in the community.

The front features a professional headshot, and biography information such as education, certifications, and professional affiliations. The office address, phone number, and website address are prominently featured.

The back of the rack card introduces the practice and features an easy-to-read bulleted list of common gastroenterological services provided.

Georgia Pain & Spine Institute

Georgia Pain & Spine Institute

Dr. David M. Webb opened a new interventional pain management practice and used a single panel rack card to introduce himself and market the practice to referring physicians and patients in the community.

Next to the practice's logo is a bulleted list of Dr. Webb's qualifications. A prfessional headshot and detailed bio make up the bulk of the rack card.

The bottom of the card is divided by the practice's tag line and pertinent contact information follows including website address, phone number, email address, office location address, and fax number.

Introducing Medical Providers


HearBright Rack Card

The audiologists of HearBright, a San Jose based Audiology and Hearing Aid practice, are featured on rack cards that the practice used to introduce providers to patients. Laura Jones, Au.D, is featured on the rack card here.

Dr. Jones's professional headshot is included at the top of the card, and a brief biography follows.

The back of the rack card features the practice's two offices with photos, addresses, and phone numbers. The practice's logo, main phone number, and website address are prominent.

North Atlanta Primary Care

North Atlanta Primary Care Rack Card

A large primary care practice with many office locations, North Atlanta Primary Care provides provider bios on rack cards at the office locations where that provider practices. Dr. Lacey Hutchison is featured on the rack card here.

The practice's logo brands the card followed by the doctor's professional headshot and detailed biography on the front.

The back of the rack card includes information about the office where Dr. Hutchison practices including address, office hours, a detailed, custom-drawn map, and a photo of the office. The practice's main phone number and website address are prominent and a list of all office locations is included.

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