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Patient Email Newsletter Marketing

Example of MMA patient email marketing for MedSpa

Patient email newsletter marketing is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and fast methods for communicating with patients. Practices that send out email newsletters to patients benefit tremendously in tangible and intangible ways.

Benefits of Email Newsletter Marketing

  • Increased website visitor traffic - daily, weekly, monthly. Our clients see increases of 100% to 2000% increase in their daily website traffic statistics.
  • Easily measure the email open rate, delivery / bounce rates, and click-thru rates to your website.
  • Keep patients informed about your practice including changes in:
    • Providers
    • Office Locations
    • Insurance Plans
    • Patient Forms
    • Office policies such as appointment scheduling or prescription refill requests
    • New medical services and procedures offered in-office or as out-patient at your surgery center or local hospital
    • Office hours such as extended hours, weekend hours, holiday scheduling, inclement weather closings
    • Reminder announcements such as flu shots and annual physicals
  • Very inexpensive, typically cents/pennies per patient email address
  • Patients subscribe and unsubscribe themselves
  • Patients forward the emails to their friends and family, expanding the practice's marketing reach

Email Campaign Return on Investment Scenarios

Let's take an example of a practice that sends out a monthly newsletter to patients. In this scenario, a practice with 2,000 patients may have email addresses for 50% (1,000) of their patients. Factoring in a conservative response rate of 2%, we see that there can be significant benefit. Traditional mailings have a response rate of 1% to 2%. Email marketing has a success rate of 2% to 10%. Medical practices have the advantage of the pre-existing relationship with patients, aka customers, so response rates tend to be much higher.

Practice Size Small Practice Medium Practice Large Practice
Patient Email Addresses/Recipients 1,000 3,000 6,000
Conservative Patient Response Rate 2% or 20 6% or 180 4% or 240
Additional Patient Visits / Business Day 1 9 12
99213 Established Patient Visit
Medicare Reimbursement for Atlanta
$61.81 $61.81 $61.81
Total Monthly Increase in Charges $1,236 $11,125 $14,834
Total Annual Increase in Charges $14,832 $133,509 $178,012

That one (1) extra patient per day can fill an open appointment slot, which can be the difference between break-even and profitability.

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