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Optimize My Medical Website

  • Are you concerned that your website is not attracting new patients?
  • Do you show up on the 1st page of Google's search results?
  • Do you have a high bounce rate? Do you know what a bounce rate is?

Most websites are missing critical optimization that would dramatically improve their visibility in organic (free) search results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many of graphic designers create "pretty" websites that no one can find due to poor SEO implementation techniques. Most people focus on the 80% of what they see, not the 20% they don't see. We know that the 20% you don't see actually makes up 80% of the real value! This is where the MMA's search engine optimization and "patient optimization" services provide results!

  • Did you know that Google makes up 75 to 80% of the search engine market?
  • How much of your website traffic is referred by Google?
  • How much of your website traffic is referred by search engines versus direct access?
  • How do patients find your website?

The following monthly website traffic chart is an actual client example.  MMA redesigned and launched the new website with search engine optimization built into the process.  In only three (3) months, their website traffic has more than doubled!

Optimized medical website traffic report

Below is a weekly website traffic chart for an actual client.  MMA redesigned and launched their new website.  Their weekly website traffic activity report indicates that the optimizations were a huge success!

Weekly medical website traffic report after optimization

These are just two of our many success stories. Is your website sick? While we won't promise miracle results, we are confident that our disciplined approach to optimizing websites ensures better outcomes for our healthcare clients.

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