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Content Management System - CMS

What is a CMS?

A content management system ("CMS") is a tool that empowers you to edit your website without the prerequisite expert knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, or FTP.

Our firm has created a secure, custom CMS that integrates the best open source solutions into a user-friendly tool.

Functions of Our Custom CMS

Our content management system allows you to securely login and make changes to your website in real-time. With our CMS, you are able to:

  • Update web page text content
  • Paste text content from other documents
  • Add/insert links to external websites
  • Customize each page's META tags for optimal search engine optimization
  • Upload files such as Adobe PDFs (additional option)
  • Upload web-optimized photographs (additional option)

We use the same tool to make changes to our client websites. Our tool enables us to be cost-effective, fast & efficient, and responsive to our clients' change requests.

Example of Our Custom CMS

An example of our content management system can be seen below.

Content management system example for physicians and medical practices
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