Patient Email Newsletter Marketing

Medical Patient Newsletter MarketingPatient Email newsletter marketing is one of the most cost effective, efficient, and fastest methods for communicating to your patients.  Practices that send out email newsletters to their patients benefit tremendously in many tangible and intangible ways. 

Benefits include:

Monthly Patient Newsletter Web SiteTraffic Results
Weekly Patient Newsletter Web SiteTraffic Results
Daily web site traffic increase by Patient Newsletter

  • Drives traffic to your web site; our clients see increases of 100% to 2000% increase in their daily web site traffic statistics 
  • Easy to measure the email open rate, delivery / bounce rates, and click-thru rates to your web site.
  • Keep patients informed about your practice including changes in:
    • Providers
    • Office Locations
    • Insurance Plans
    • Patient Forms
    • Office policies such as appointment scheduling or pre scription refill requests
    • New medical services and procedures offered in-office or as out-patient at your surgery center or local hospital
    • Office hours such as extended hours and weekend hours 
    • Major reminder announcements such as flu shots and annual physicals
  • Very inexpensive, typically cents/pennies per patient email address
  • Patients subscribe and unsubscribe themselves
  • Patients forward the emails to their friends and family, expanding the practice's marketing reach


Monthly Newsletter Example

Let's take an example of a practice that sends out a monthly newsletter to their patients.  In this scenario, a practice with 2,000 patients may have email addresses for 50% (1,000) of their patients.  Factoring in a conservative response rate of 2%, we see that there can be significant benefit.    Traditional mailings have a response rate of 1% to 2%.  Email marketing has a success rate of 2% to 10%.  Medical practices have the advantage of the pre-existing relationship with your patients, aka customer, so response rates tend to be much higher.

Return on Investment Scenarios

Practice Size




Patient Email Addresses/Recipients 1,000 3,000 6,000
Conservative Patient Response Rate 2% or 20 6% or 180 4% or 240 
Additional Patient Visits / Business Day  1 9 12
99213 Established Patient Visit          
 Medicare Reimbursement for Atlanta




Total Monthly Increase in Charges

$ 1,236 $11,125 $14,834

Total Annual Increase in Charges

$14,832 $133,509 $178,012

That one (1) extra patient per day can fill an open appointment slot, which can be the difference between breakeven and profitability. 

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