Medical Website Design Level 5

Our Level-5 websites are fully customized web solutions. These websites provide our clients with the most custom and unique design, functionality and flexibility. Since our Level-5 websites are database-driven/enabled, our clients can manage an almost unlimited amount of web content.

A Level-5 website may have some or all the additional features:

  • Custom programming using Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP
  • Database driven content, dynamically displaying data from mySQL databases
  • Content Management System for editing the text, uploading documents and photos
  • Member/Employee secure area management
  • Administration web pages to modify website content
  • Private Physician and/or Member area / pages implementing User IDs and Passwords
  • Total Pages: Virtually unlimited; dependent upon the number of records in the database
  • Professional custom graphics
  • Multimedia, video, audio
  • Patient newsletter marketing
  • Advanced menu/navigation design using JavaScript and DHTML
  • Secure online patient and email submission web forms
  • Expanded Services and Procedures descriptions with individual content pages and links to external websites.
  • Up to 80 or more content pages

Starting at $15,000. Please contact our firm for a quote customized for your website needs.