Create a New Medical Website

Creating a website for your medical practice or healthcare organization can be exciting.  It can also be overwhelming or challenging, that is why we are have created a simple checklist to help guide you through the process.

  1. Find a few example websites you like.
  2. Find a few example websites you do not like so much.
  3. Review the websites of your competitor(s).
  4. Find, evaluate, and choose a web development firm.
    • Do they specialize in medical or healthcare?
    • Do they know what HIPAA means?
    • How many clients do they have?
    • How much experience do they have? Are they beginners? Or Expert?
    • Do you like their portfolio design style?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • Will they continue to be in business?
    • What type of commitment or contract do they require?
    • Do they reinvest in new technologies to stay current?
  5. Choose a domain name.
  6. Choose a webhosting company (or use the web development company's web hosting).
  7. Decide on how many pages of content you will need.
    • Home page
    • Medical Services & Procedures
    • Physicians / Medical Staff
    • Locations
    • Patient Forms
    • Insurance Plans
    • Contact Information
  8. Choose the features you want for the website.
  9. Choose the type of design (basic, moderate or advanced), colors, layout, structure.
  10. Gather all your content, pictures, documents and files.